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Today is my 200th blog post. I’m actually in complete shock that I made it this far. Last December, I was reading or listening to a Seth Godin book (surprise, surprise), and he encouraged publishing creative work every day. His book “The Practice” is all about doing the work and then putting it out into the world.

I chose to make my daily practice a blog post, but I had no idea how long I’d be able to keep it up or what I would write every day. I chose to make my practice happen 6 days a week, give myself one day per week of rest, and write only for myself. I chose to write just for the sake of writing so that I could improve my storytelling, my syntax, my voice. And I hoped that this practice would, not just make me a better writer, but that it would also make me a better photographer, that it would help me to broaden my worldview and see things differently, more creatively.

It’s simultaneously been a difficult road and also one that has come easily to me. There were times when I didn’t think I’d ever find something to write about, something solid that I felt comfortable putting out into the universe. There were days when I felt discouraged that the words I was putting on the page weren’t flowing in a way that sounded good, but I kept at it.

The ritual of writing every day has done wonders for me. It’s improved my discipline. It’s gotten easier. It’s made me remember to jot down all the ideas I have, the way I word things when I think of them. And yes, I have seen an improvement in my photography. I have slowed down a bit and become more intentional in how I’m shooting a subject, even when it’s my daughter’s swim lessons.

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