January 2021

Photographs LIe

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They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and somehow, we’ve been led to believe that a thousand words means truth. But stop and ask yourself, “whose truth?” A picture is worth a thousand of whose words? Photographs lie.… Read More »Photographs LIe

The Rabbit Hole

I was on a roll this morning. I cleaned the house. I listened to all but the last 30 minutes of my latest audiobook by none other than Seth Godin. I took a shower. I ate lunch. I sat down… Read More »The Rabbit Hole

On fitting In

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I’ve never really fit in. When you’re the daughter of immigrants, you never really fit in anywhere. You don’t fit in where you live or where your parents lived. I say this knowing I’m not the only one who feels… Read More »On fitting In

Normalize baldness

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My husband is going bald. Male pattern baldness runs in both sides of his family. It also runs in mine, so it stands to reason that Henry will probably also go bald. We joke that Ben will be rich soon… Read More »Normalize baldness

in a world of stem

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It’s 10:26 AM Pacific Time, and I am still in my nightgown, coffee in a Yeti next to my laptop, and my Sofie girl has asked me if she can dance. She’s asking for Cinderella, but I decide that I… Read More »in a world of stem

Sometimes we break

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Today I hit a breaking point. I felt stress wash over me. I was tired of telling Sofie to clean her room for the fifth time with her staring at me like she just wasn’t going to do it. I… Read More »Sometimes we break