January 2021

The plucking vortex

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When a Persian woman goes into the bathroom or sees a mirror, she will more than likely notice a stray eyebrow hair. This is inevitable, considering that Persian women spend much of their lives working on the shape of their… Read More »The plucking vortex

a day of travel

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I’m sitting in the back of my dad’s truck, holding Sofie’s hand over Henry, sleeping in his car seat. I have a pit in my stomach. We’re on our way to the airport after a long holiday to visit my… Read More »a day of travel


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Stop counting. Stop thinking about the steps in your head. Stop waiting for the audience applause. This is about feeling. The feeling of your feet in the dirty, the weight of your shoulders pressing, dropping, the stretch in your neck… Read More »Dance

Hand of Angelica Generosa shot at Larrabee State Park by Dance Photographer, Sarah Carpenter

Swan Lake

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Swan Lake is one of my favorite classical ballets. Does that make me basic? If it does then I have two things to say. The first is that I hate the word basic. Why do we judge each other with… Read More »Swan Lake