July 2021

The Sun After Rain

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When the rain has finally stopped, and the clouds begin to part, the sun peeks out between them. It’s cautious. The sun slowly comes back as if waiting just long enough to be fully wanted, to be appreciated again. It… Read More »The Sun After Rain

The LIe

Why do we lie? I think it’s often that honesty is too frightening, and I think it also goes back to approval. Maybe it is because we think lying will save someone else from the people we are or the… Read More »The LIe

Crawling and writing

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Have you ever done work (computer work, namely writing) while crawling around on your hands and knees chasing your kids? That’s what I’m doing right now. Sometimes, as a mom who works from home and has two little ones to… Read More »Crawling and writing

Words Matter

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The words we say to people matter. The way we put our words together matters. Whether we mean it or not, the words and the syntax can have a negative or positive effect on the person we are talking to… Read More »Words Matter

Alone but Not Lonely

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If you’re a photographer, you understand that we are often alone. We work as soloists. Even if one is part of a team, our eyes and our brains create the images in front of us, and it is not usually… Read More »Alone but Not Lonely

At The Movies

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Movie theaters are different. And they’re also very much the same. I saw Black Widow, last night, at the theater where I spent my youth seeing every movie that was possible for me to see, every movie my parents would… Read More »At The Movies


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Yesterday, my 3-1/2-year-old daughter took off her floaties and swam by herself. Two weeks ago, she was too scared to leave the last step of my parents’ pool even with me holding onto her. And yesterday she was swimming farther… Read More »Underestimation


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I find that electronic dance music has a poignant sound. It always makes me slightly sad or nostalgia. When I listen to any EDM, I look at the world around me through a different lens. I find that I am… Read More »EDM

Summertime Nostalgia

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As a kid, we used to spend a few weeks in the summer on vacation. Usually, these vacations took us to the beaches of Florida, a few times we went to London, and a few times we visited other states… Read More »Summertime Nostalgia