August 2021

This Magic Bacon

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While at the market, and in somewhat of a hurry I asked Ben if we wanted to grab some bacon. We weren’t in the normal aisle, but there just happened to be the cooler on the end of the aisle… Read More »This Magic Bacon

Where to begin

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Starting is often the hardest part. Waking up, putting workout clothes on, deciding what to eat for dinner, figuring out what the next steps are in understanding and implementing marketing strategies, or trying to figure out how to begin the… Read More »Where to begin


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Cinderella (among other fairy tales) has been reimagined more times than I can count or even remember. I’ve read or watched the story in so many different forms, different time periods, actors, sets, costumes, slightly different story plots. They’ve been… Read More »REimagining

A scotch and a sunset

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I’m drinking a Scotch Whisky and watching a pink and purple sunset after a long day of cleaning, shopping, and cooking. It’s our first day back after a long trip South, and suddenly everything feels different. Of course it does.… Read More »A scotch and a sunset

The dreaded goodbye

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The sun was high and warm, and not a single cloud dared to block it. The pool glinted as it reflected the morning light, and the backyard looked the same as it always did. But there was bitterness in the… Read More »The dreaded goodbye

It’s my birthday

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So I’ll make this short because I really want to enjoy this day. I’m actually celebrating with my parents for the first time since we moved to Washington (actually, the year before that Ben and I were in Brussels so… Read More »It’s my birthday

A good work of art

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I sometimes forget what really good art feels like. I forget, that is, until I stumble upon something that completely draws me in. I’m currently reading a book called “The Witcher”. Some of you may have watched the show on… Read More »A good work of art

Unorthodox path

Do you ever read biographies or watch interviews about artists? Do you ever try to figure out how they got their start? Do you take courses that tell you how to start your own path in the arts world, trying… Read More »Unorthodox path

Clearing the Clutter

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I often have something stuck in my head whether it be a phrase, a song, a headline, something I need to say to someone, or something I need to rant about. It could even be a feeling that I have… Read More »Clearing the Clutter