October 2021

Talking about Scotland

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Talking about Scotland makes me think about Scotland, which makes me seek out pictures of Scotland, and the daydreaming begins. I’ve been to Scotland for not nearly enough time and not on a nearly recent enough trip. But I’ve been… Read More »Talking about Scotland

Mondays! Am I right?

When Sofie wakes up on a Monday morning, she bounces out of bed. I’m not saying this metaphorically. She literally bounces out bed. Mondays are special for her. She loves them. If she loved a day of the week more,… Read More »Mondays! Am I right?

The routine

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Every morning, when the alarm went off, she would sit up in bed, pull a pillow onto her lap, grab her journal, and begin to write. Of course, what I’ve left out here is that she always opened the curtain… Read More »The routine

She dressed for fall

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The tree couldn’t exactly decide how she wanted to change for fall this year. Though she consistently elected to make the switch from her luscious green, summer wardrobe into her fall attire in late August year after year, her indecision… Read More »She dressed for fall

I’m writing a book

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Yep. I’m saying it out loud. I’ve told a few friends, but this is the first time I’m really saying it. I’m writing a book, and that’s my excuse for not writing a blog post until 8 pm today. I’m… Read More »I’m writing a book

Just let go.

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What if I let go? What if I just stopped worrying about what I think, what the readers think, what my audience thinks, for once? What if I just wrote what I need to say and took and shared the… Read More »Just let go.