April 2022

Screen time

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I feel very guilty about screen time. I don’t like the idea of using television to get my work done but at the same time, when you’re a working mom, you do what you must to get in some quiet… Read More »Screen time


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I’ve never been trolled before. In all the years I’ve been on social media, I actually cannot believe that nobody (maybe there was one that got deleted quickly) has ever trolled me. But on Saturday, it finally happened. I had… Read More »Trolled

Back to work

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I thought that my husband being back in the office would be the hardest thing. You see, Henry was born during the pandemic, and Ben’s been home since I first got pregnant with him. It’s been a very big difference… Read More »Back to work

The worrying

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Worry often drives me. It might not be a good way to live my life, but up until now, this is how I continue to push forward. Sometimes I fear that if I stop worrying if I stop letting the… Read More »The worrying

How to tell a story

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What makes a great story isn’t just the story itself. It’s the way the story is presented to the viewer. This idea has been presented to me over and over as I watched different versions (or even read different versions)… Read More »How to tell a story

The One Rule

In this house, we have one big rule (to rule all the other rules). It’s: You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, but if you choose to do something, you must work hard, practice, and be… Read More »The One Rule

Making things happen

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I’m slowly making my way through books about succeeding in life, fashion and photography history books, and biographies about inspiring artists. And it’s making me want to get things done. But what I find is that I lament the fact… Read More »Making things happen


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There’s a reason I keep coming back to fear, and it’s because it keeps coming back to me. It comes to me in waves. It’s easy to lie in bed at night and think about all the things I’m going… Read More »Fear

I burned my tongue

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I burned my tongue on a cup of tea. This wasn’t an unusual moment. I had done it several times before. The tea looked perfect with steam rising out of it in dainty little tendrils, and before I knew it,… Read More »I burned my tongue


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I paint my nails, and I feel fresh. The starburst pink feels fancy on my fingers. It somehow makes my engagement ring look sparklier. I use my hands more while talking, and I admire the way my perfectly manicured nails… Read More »Chipped