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She stood against the wind, letting it whip her hair across her face. The sand licked her ankles just under the hem of her denim jeans. It was not a pleasant feeling, the sand against her ankles. It stung as it scratched her skin, but she did not mind.

She was a beauty in a beautiful place. She’d always been proud of her defining feature, the millions of freckles spread across her pale face. They were a trait many people tried to hide with makeup, but not her. She loved them, loved the way she felt hidden behind them like she could live inside her own head without anyone reading her thoughts or feelings. Her green eyes were all the greener against the backdrop of the ocean. She blinked her almond-shaped eyes and breathed in the salty sea air. Her nose felt cold in the night air, and she could feel that it was probably red.

The sun had set long ago, and the dunes glowed in the moonrise. Indigo and pink streaked the midnight blue sky, and stars began to peer out from beyond the edges of the galaxy. She was happy here. Inspired. The sound of the waves crashing against white sand gave her the satisfying knowledge that the tide still came in and out and the world still turned. Nothing seemed certain anymore, but here, against the end of the earth and the beginning of the sea, was a limitless possibility.

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