A drive through the mountains of Utah, a quick observation

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The car took the curves well. She thought about this as she sat in the back on the plush leather seats. In the driver’s seat sat her new friend and in the passenger’s seat sat her best friend. She hadn’t done this kind of thing in a long time, this meaning sitting in the back of a car driven by friends. Despite the guilt of leaving her two children with her husband, she took joy in having a little time away. Besides, making friends is part of why she was at this conference in Utah anyways.

As she swayed from side to side, allowing her body to move with the curves of the road, listening to the conversation happening in the front of the car, she was overtaken by the majesty of the mountains that rose up on either side of them. It was nothing like Washington, where the rocky peaks are covered by evergreens. These mountains were covered in shrubby trees, shorter, already turning colors in the late September weather.

Her best friend asked, “isn’t this beautiful? There’s no way to truly capture it.” Of course, that’s what we were all thinking, being that this was not just a car of friends, this was a car of photographer friends.

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