Always Log Ideas

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I was in the pool today, floating along, taking a break between my daughter flinging herself off the side and running back around to do it again, when I had an idea for what I wanted to write today. I considered getting out of the pool and writing it down. Taking a note on my phone, grabbing a notebook, and jotting the idea in it. But I didn’t want to get out of the pool.

I repeated the idea to myself, the phrasing I would use to begin my post. I repeated it several times and silently swore up and down that I would not, could not, forget the piece I wanted to write. By the time I had gotten inside, showered, bathed my kids, played, eaten dinner, and sat down to finally write, the idea and all of my perfect-sounding phrases had left me.

Moral of the story? Always be logging your ideas. If you’re a writer, painter, photographer, musician, always log your ideas. They are fleeting. They leave your brain faster than you can get them down.

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