Another important note about culling

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Culling is hard. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying or they’ve spent years practicing it. Or maybe that person is a genius. I mean, I don’t really believe in the word genius, but if you do, maybe it’s a genius who thinks culling is easy. And while I’m at it, for anyone who is questioning, culling is when you go through a set of images and choose the best ones, the ones that need to be included in the gallery, and the ones that tell the story of an event or photoshoot.

I got a set of film scans back from a wedding last night, and for once in my life, I decided to cull first, then put them in order, then edit. I began by putting my film scans and my digital work in the same folder. Then I uploaded them to Lightroom. I waffled on whether to cull first or put them in order first, but after 30 minutes of going back and forth about it and seeing that there were 2600 images in the folder, I decided that culling was probably better.

I thought, “this is great, I’ll cull these images down to at least less than 1000 files, and it will make it easier for me to edit these.” Four hours later, I found myself adding a five star rating to almost every single image. I loved them all, and I also found that I had FOMTWC. Fear of making the wrong choice.

Long story short. I now have to finish culling and probably go through them again. Because I a guarantee you, I’ve probably haven’t actually removed any images from this set yet. Why is that a problem? Hop on over to the importance of culling blog to read more.

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