Art inspires life inspires Art

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Does art inspire life or life inspire art? I guess if you think about it, at some point, life inspired art. I mean, unless you count the Earth itself as art.

We are lucky. We live in an endless cycle of art inspiring life and life inspiring art. When we forget who we are or why we are working so hard for a better world, movies (paintings, music, video games, dance pieces, books) can bring us back.

Throughout history, art has been used to educate, the help souls transition off of the earthly plain. Art has told our stories. Art is a tool for critical thinking. Art inspires science and tells the world about the sciences. It creates environments. It gives us an identity.

I just finished watching Trolls World Tour. Yep. I did that. I actually quite liked it. And it was a movie that, without being too obvious, created some kind of education around prejudice and separation. And I love the fact that my daughter could watch a silly, lighthearted movie that shows her that being different is good, that celebrating differences is important, and that we should not all be the same. It was a good reminder for me too.

Art inspires life inspires art. It humanizes us and gives us perspective. It gives a voice to real-life emotions artists can’t express and creates connections between people.

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