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Stop counting. Stop thinking about the steps in your head. Stop waiting for the audience applause.

This is about feeling. The feeling of your feet in the dirty, the weight of your shoulders pressing, dropping, the stretch in your neck as you let it hang to the side. Feel your muscles respond to each other. Feel them grip and release. Feel them move like molasses from one “pose” to the next. Feel the transitions more strongly than the choreographed movement. Feel your hair tickling your face as it falls in front of it and moves away again.

Close your eyes. The music is in your bones. It moves you. It pulls you. It challenges you. Feel yourself accelerate to the beat, and feel the beat pulse through your body.

Feel the rush of sadness, anger, love, joy, fear sweeping over you. Feel that tingle in the top of your head. Clear your mind.


Don’t overthink this.

Feel the energy beaming out of your finger tips, your toes.

Take a breath.

Let it out.

Stop. Feel your heart beating hard against your chest.

Start all over again.

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