Decision Paralysis

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I’m trying to find a new camera, and I want a mirrorless. A beautiful, mirrorless with great dynamic range, medium format ratio, decent megapixels. I want something that has good battery life, is easy to use and has great autofocus.

The problem is that most of the cameras I want have this. You’d think that should make it easy for me to decide on the camera I want, right? Wrong. It makes things worse.

I could get the Fuji. Everyone has it. Everyone loves it, and I worry that if I get it, I’d just be copying everyone else.

I could get the Sony. It’s beautiful, has great autofocus and color, and it’s expensive. But would I just be buying it to not buy the Fuji?

The Hasselblad is beautiful but is actually not that great of a camera in terms of battery life. That’s the sad part because.

How do I choose? Ben says I should rent a few and then decide, but all I want to do is have a shiny new camera in my possession. And because I don’t want to take the time to test each camera out, I haven’t bought a new camera yet which is funny because I want the immediacy of buying one without testing it but I’m too paralyzed to just go for it.

I’m stuck. Please help. Love, somebody with decision paralysis who also just wants a new camera.

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