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A while back, I decided that I need to become better at making decisions. I told Ben that one of the things that holds me back the most is my indecision.

In order to combat this, I started a little challenge for myself. Whenever we need to decide what to order, I would choose an item and be happy with that choice. In the past, we’ve ordered a few dishes or several pizza flavors to share, so we wouldn’t have to choose between them.

This is also a practice in knowing that if I get pepperoni this time or order the spring rolls instead of green onion pancakes, I can have them at a later date. I am reminded, in this practice that there is abundance in my life.

Through this practice, what I have learned is that, for me, indecision comes from a place of scarcity. It’s the fear that I won’t be able to change my mind or that irrational fear that we’ll never order pizza again even though I know it’s not true.

After a while, I realized that the scarcity mindset, the ordering several different things, the in ability to decide on something and stick with it was making me miserable. And now, still struggling with it but understanding myself better, I am more at peace with decisions. I feel more abundant in my life.

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