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I recently decided to start making films. It’s been one of those things sitting at the back of my mind waiting in line for the “I can’ts” to walk up to the plate and strike out. I don’t know why I just used a baseball reference. I’m not actually a sports person.

My love of movies and television has reached a point where I have started to question why I’m not making them myself. And then, last year, Emma. came out. It was directed by Autumn de Wilde who is also a fantastic photographer. And I thought. Why not? Why am I holding myself back on this? I love movies. I love television. I love photography. I love telling stories. So I shoved those “I can’ts” off my brain plank (anyone actually understand what my weird references are right now? Brain plank, as if my head is a pirate ship. Get it? Cheesy? Okay moving on).

The other day, I shot a maternity session for a dear friend of mine who I do quite a lot of work for. She is a good sport, always letting me figure things out while I photograph her or her leotard collection. I thought it would be a good day to shoot some film and put together a little highlight video of her shoot.

The entire shoot, I photographed her with my Contax and then switched to my Nikon D810 for some video. And the whole time I kept pressing the wrong buttons on the Nikon, worrying that the Contax wasn’t in focus, seeing a clear picture of what I wanted to shoot in my mind before being blinded by the sun.

Somehow, though, I was very impressed by the way the film came out. I am having fun with shooting film and making films. And I cannot wait to see what happens next with both. Again, I’m just exploring one more medium to do what I love best: Tell stories.

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