First days of summer

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Today is one of those days. It’s the type of day where you sit next to the air conditioner because when you step away, the air is stifling. The minute you step outside, you just know that sweat is coming. My toes swell up, and my fingers feel stiff against the metal of my wedding ring. My face flushes and my mouth dries out, and I am ready to down a gallon of water over what I usually drink.

The sun is hot, and I am ready for the beach. I’m ready for the pool. I’m ready to run away to a place with central air conditioning so I don’t have to sit by the cool air because the cool air surrounds me and makes me want to wear a sweatshirt.

It’s the type of day that makes me put the kids in swimwear and take them to the splash park, something I never wanted to do before I had kids. It’s also something I’m exceedingly grateful for after having the fountains closed for the entire 2020 summer season.

These days make me lazy. They make me want to be on an all-summer-long vacation where I breeze through the days, not working, not trying, just living with all the cold beverages and all the cold foods. They make me want to watch travel shows and have my toes in the sand and read fun books that have nothing to do with work.

It’s the second day of summer, and though the above paragraphs make it sound like I hate it, I truly do love the summer. I love tossing aside traditional meals and replacing them with watermelon, and cheese, and toast, easy salads, and cold noodles. I love watching the sunset late in the evening. I love sitting on the patio with my mom as the warmth from the day envelopes me and dries my hair, freshly wet from the shower after a day in the pool.

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