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I’ve been photographing food a lot lately. I’ve also been photographing weird things like my everyday tasks. But I’ll get to that.

I’ve felt… anxious. I’ve very much felt anxious lately. I know that what I really need to do is get back out into the world and do shoots with models, to build the portfolio for what I want to do next, professionally. But I’m anxious about it. Covid is not what is bugging me. It’s the rejection that I fear. I’ve transitioned out of weddings, but now I feel a little lost. What is my next step? What are the right next steps?

I’m anxious about booking a model only to have no one else on my team. I’m anxious the images won’t be good. I’m anxious about finding out that I’m not as good as I like to believe, finding out that I’m old, washed up, and irrelevant.

So in the interim, I photograph my food. I photograph my kids. I photograph my daily tasks. And I am reading like crazy (well. I listen to a lot of books. I physically read a moderate amount of books).

I want to keep shooting. I want to push forward. I want to be shooting the newest Dior collection. But anxiety is a beast, and it is getting the better of me.

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