Goals for 2022

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I have a lot of goals for 2022. Since 2020 and 2021 felt like such a bust, I feel like I have to live all three years in one year.

That means more travel, more work, working smarter, more time with kids and family, more excitement, more fun, more outside walks, more everything. More is more in 2022. Maybe. Or maybe it’s about consolidating all the little things into higher-quality things.

Here are just a few of the things I want to accomplish in 2022.

  1. Publish my book.
  2. Build my Fashion and Portrait portfolio
  3. Get in the best shape of my life
  4. Go on more dates
  5. Time block so I can spend solid time sans work with my kids every day.
  6. Gain confidence and work on my self-esteem
  7. Read more
  8. Learn to sew
  9. Learn to sketch the human form
  10. Allow social media to be more of tool and less something I mindlessly use as a distraction from my real goals.
  11. Be more efficient with my home tasks, do more meal prepping.
  12. Be a better friend
  13. Take trips and see the world again.
  14. Work on another book or short story

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