I forgot my blog post

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Today I forgot to write my blog post. It’s something that I’ve done nearly every day for over six months now, and yet, it completely slipped my mind. I wrote my journal, I worked out, I cooked scrambled eggs for breakfast. But I didn’t write my blog post.

What was it about today that made me forget about my ritual?

I’ve written when I had company, when my family was around me, when my kids were singing and crying loudly. I’ve written on days when I had to rush out the door, and I had to write in my journal before transferring to my computer. So why did I forget today?

I honestly cannot say. But I can tell you what I did today.

Today, I went to the park with my parents, my husband, and my kids. We enjoyed the windy weather, the view of Lake Washington, the storm clouds rolling in.

After that, my daughter had her first-ever performance. She sang and danced to three songs from “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”. She looked so tiny and yet so big at the same time. She did all the choreography with such spunk and fervor, and she sang with biggest, operatic vibrato I’ve ever heard come out of a three year old.

I cried.

I didn’t write my blog post today, until now. But what I did today was give myself the permission to just be present with my family. And it felt amazing.

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