I know nothing

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I have come to the conclusion that I really know nothing. As I learn, I become less confident that the world can be categorized, organized, and tucked into neat boxes of right and wrong or fact and fiction. As I learn more, I find that I fall farther into the confusion of understanding or rather not understanding someone else’s worldview.

I sense that I feel empathetic to too many different sides of an issue. At times, I find this frustrating. I want clarity. I want to feel secure in my thought process, to have a side, a clean-cut understanding of everything. I want to make people happy with my opinions. But then I wonder what the point would be. Curiosity is a big reason to fully live. To always be learning, changing, growing is everything. Curiosity is the reason I do my job.

What saddens me is the number of people I see who are unwilling to admit they also know nothing. They belligerently defend their truths, facts, and opinions and have no care to hear anyone else. What is so wrong with stimulating argument over a good drink or dessert? What is so wrong with being wrong? And why does there have to be a right and wrong, anyway?

Science is everchanging, always moving entity. It’s wrong all the time. Theories are proven, then they are disproven. We get information that negates old information. We truly understand so little about the world, about each other. Humans are nuanced. Our bodies are intricately designed. Our brains are difficult to map, our genome is complicated. And so is everything else in the universe.

Creating generalities about each other, profile, making an opinion without being willing to change our minds given a new set of information is not the way I want to live my life. Because doing those things requires me to know everything, and I know nothing. I want to live a life of learning and changing so I can always strive to be better.

Even stone isn’t the same forever. It erodes, it changes, it becomes something new.

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