I stopped shooting for them

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I stopped shooting for them and started shooting for me. I stopped shooting for the masses, for the planners, for the people I wanted to impress. I stopped shooting to make other people love my work. And this is what happened.

I started shooting for my clients. I started shooting for me. I started editing a little darker, started trying to show the colors and lighting situations I saw in person rather than following any one trend of editing.

I started seeing. I started looking for moments to capture instead of forcing a moment to exist. I started shooting more of the same shot from various angles. I started playing, started having more fun, started letting myself shoot what I am drawn to, what makes my heart lurch when I see it.

I stopped trying to get even lighting because that’s what I was told is “prettiest” and started seeing shadows in a different way, started to love the dynamic shapes and movement shadows can create.

I stopped doing the projects I thought would get me likes and followers and started doing projects that had been tucked away in my idea “bin”. I started doing projects that would help me grow as an artist. I started letting my personal work and feelings influence my professional work.

I stopped trying to be an artist other people wanted me to be, and because of that, I have started to love my work more than I ever did before.

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