It’s been a week

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I have so many things rushing around my head right now, but the truth is that none of them are thoughts I want to write down here. It’s been, for lack of a better phrase, a day. Rather, it’s been a week. A week of getting tasks done. I’ve been productive, but not in the way I wanted to be. It’s been a week of laundry and cooking and cleaning food off the floor more times than I wanted to. But that’s life as a mom. Sometimes I listen to these people who talk about creativity and doing one task at a time and leaving room to daydream, and I wonder if they have kids.

It’s been a cynical week or rather a week of me feeling cynical. Cynical and less than thrilled about the way clothes feel and look on me. Cynical about the trajectory of my life. It’s been a week of me worrying that things will begin to shut down again just as I am trying to book tickets to go on our first European trip as a family of four. It’s been a week of anger and hopelessness over the increased shootings in our country.

There’s nothing really else to say right now. Happy Thursday, folks.

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