Just a Mom

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I’m just a mom. I just carried two babies in my stomach and just fed them and nurtured them with my own body.

I just keep the house clean and just go to the grocery store to buy food for the week and then just cook dinner.

I am just a mom. I just sing the kids to sleep, just read the books that will enrich their minds, just pay attention to how much and what kind of television they are watching. I just put my oldest in gymnastics and ballet and preschool. I just spend time taking them on walks and to the park and sit with them to listen to their songs and stories. I just spend time thinking of cute, educational, or meaningful gifts to give them. I just communicate with them and understand their needs, dole out chores and tasks, teach them how to follow instructions, and also have their own mind so they can be future leaders.

I just clean up after dinner while listening to an audiobook. I just spend time between writing and reading and editing and designing websites and learning more about art and business and photography. I

I just make the beds in the house and make sure my husband has quiet to get his work done. I just workout consistently and just make sure I’m bathed and presentable and just try to make time for friends and family.

I’m just a mom. Just.

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