Just let go.

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What if I let go? What if I just stopped worrying about what I think, what the readers think, what my audience thinks, for once? What if I just wrote what I need to say and took and shared the photographs that I see?

Would people leave? And would it matter if they did?

I have, so many times, made vows to myself not to care about what other people think of me or whether the Instagram algorithm likes what I am sharing. I have a voice that I’m trying to share. And I often find that my voice gets drowned out by what I think will get the most likes. I know I am not alone in this. And yet, I don’t get a lot of likes. My audience isn’t with me.

So what if I just let go? Would people leave? And would it matter? Yes. It would matter, and yes they would leave, and that would be a good thing. Maybe, through letting go, I would actually gain a more authentic audience. A group of people who connect with the work I can create and who I can actually impact positively instead of not making an impact on lots of people who stick around to not engage.

I’ll do it. I’ll let go. I will be my authentic, genuine self as an artist on social media. Post when I want to post, tell the story that needs telling, that I am telling. I will share the work that I feel makes an impact.

But I’m scared. It’s easier to say all this than to do all this. Right?

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