Minimal sleep

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I never really thought any human could survive on the amount of sleep I now currently get. To be honest, it’s amazing that I can be writing this blog post right now and not fall asleep sitting in my chair.

In high school I went to bed past 11:30 every night and woke up at 5:30 every morning to get to school. I’d do all my homework at night (after dance classes and rehearsals) and practice my violin in the morning before school started at 7:30. But I still feel like I get less sleep now.

How do parents do it? I’m pretty sure there’s some magical super power that gives us an adrenaline boost during the day time and makes us cranky at night. And that whole “sleep when your baby sleeps” thing? It’s just not even possible. First, how often does your baby actually sleep in long enough spurts to be able to nap with them? And second, what about everything else?

Even if you don’t account for career work, there’s also laundry, feeding everyone, cleaning up after feeding everyone, cleaning up the mess that was made while you were cleaning up after feeding everyone.

So sleep is pretty elusive. But what I do actually really love about being awake in the middle of the night with my kids is the groggy sweetness from my three year old who just wants to go back to bed but also needs to tell me about her hopes and dreams for the next day and how proud she is of herself for going potty. Then there’s the snuggling, arm draped over my arm, hands pinching so I can’t let go from my 9-month-old.

Maybe the truth is that, as parents, we function on minimal sleep because the rewards of being a parent are just that sweet. Oh, right, and there’s also coffee.

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