Murphy’s Law

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Chaos theory. Chaos is natural. If something can go wrong it will.

Can you fight Murphy’s law? It seems like, lately, I’ve been walking up the escalator backwards, trying as hard as I can to control everything around me, trying as hard as I can to make it to the top of the down side. And it also seems like I’m standing in the middle of a tornado, trying my hardest not to fly away, and instead, I’m getting pulled apart.

What if it’s not about stopping yourself from flying away or going up the down escalator? What if the only way to defeat Murphy’s Law is to ride the tornado across town and start running from where it puts you? Go down the down escalator and then do your shopping on the first level.

Here’s the simple truth. Accept and don’t expect. Work hard and work smart, but don’t worry when you break your Pyrex dish on the kitchen counter. Just clean it up, move on, and finish with your day. Don’t stress about not being able to focus. Just let your mind go where it will. That’s where the creativity will come.

Lean into the chaos, and let it take you to your true purpose.

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