On Timing

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Do you believe in luck? In luck of timing? Do you believe that you have to be in the right place at the right time in order to succeed or in order to live a full life?

I sometimes feel like timing works against me. Like the fact that I go out of town right before getting an inquiry from a possible dream client and therefore cannot book the client. Or the fact that I started my business in the middle of a photography boom instead of at the beginning of one.

When I think about it, deep down, I cannot believe timing is everything. Maybe I believe that things happen in due time. Things come on their own timing, on God’s timing, but I don’t believe that we are doomed based on timing.

I can’t believe that we are doomed based on timing. If the timing doesn’t workout for one thing, we keep going. We keep trying. We keep pushing forward to be better at our craft so that we can have more opportunities until, one day, timing will be a choice for us.

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