We made music Videos

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(Some of the names in this story have been changed.) I don’t know what sleepovers were like for other kids. What I know is what I saw in the movies. Girls would get together, paint each other’s nails, have pillow… Read More »We made music Videos

The Missing Half

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For quite a lot of my childhood, I had a vague Idea of my own identity. That doesn’t seem far fetched. I’m sure that most children don’t quite understand who they are or what makes them who they are. Heritage… Read More »The Missing Half

The Enemy of Silence

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Answer this question honestly. After all, you’re the only one who will know the answers in your own head. You’re also more than welcome to message me your answer. How many times a day do you pick up your phone… Read More »The Enemy of Silence

The Ritual

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Yesterday I felt off all day. I had to take my son to his doctor’s appointment and then run to Costco, and instead of waking up early and working out, I slept until 8 AM. That’s a lie. I slept… Read More »The Ritual

Photographs LIe

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They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and somehow, we’ve been led to believe that a thousand words means truth. But stop and ask yourself, “whose truth?” A picture is worth a thousand of whose words? Photographs lie.… Read More »Photographs LIe

The Rabbit Hole

I was on a roll this morning. I cleaned the house. I listened to all but the last 30 minutes of my latest audiobook by none other than Seth Godin. I took a shower. I ate lunch. I sat down… Read More »The Rabbit Hole