Bouncing out of bed

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Kids never stop. They wake up in the morning, bounce out of bed, and are ready for the day two seconds later. They don’t need morning coffee or breakfast before they start bouncing around. They don’t need a 10 minute… Read More »Bouncing out of bed

On Timing

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Do you believe in luck? In luck of timing? Do you believe that you have to be in the right place at the right time in order to succeed or in order to live a full life? I sometimes feel… Read More »On Timing

All together now

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It’s been hot lately. Ridiculously hot. And to make it all worse, we’ll hit record temperatures here in Washington this weekend. So yesterday instead of taking Sofie to the splash park in the middle of the day, I waited until… Read More »All together now


Life isn’t about making a decision once and changing for the rest of time. It’s about a daily reminder to yourself to be the person you want to be. Maybe it’s even an hourly reminder. For me, this daily, hourly,… Read More »Presto-Chango

Minimal sleep

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I never really thought any human could survive on the amount of sleep I now currently get. To be honest, it’s amazing that I can be writing this blog post right now and not fall asleep sitting in my chair.… Read More »Minimal sleep