Pomp and Circumstance

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I love pomp and circumstance. I love ceremonies. I love knowing that there are steps to be taken during events that make them the same every time. I love the tradition, the ritual of it all. It’s part of why I love the Olympics.

I don’t just love watching swimming and diving and gymnastics. I love watching the opening and closing ceremonies, the torch lighting. And it’s not just that I love watching the ceremonies and the sports. I love to hear the Olympic Fanfare and theme and the beginning of NBC coverage at 7 pm every night. I love the way they go to commercials with the music. I love the little stories that talk about each of the Olympians and how far they’ve come.

Every single one of these pieces of the puzzle brings me back to my childhood of obsessing over these games. They remind me of all the things I love about them, they make me feel like I’m part of it, like I’m part of something bigger, part of something that will bring the world closer together. They remind me of hot summer days, sitting on the floor of my parent’s living room, soaking in the rays of sunset that spilled through the blinds casting striped shadows on the carpet while I watched the Olympics, listening to the cheering from the crowd, the sound of furious splashing as the swimmers easily cut through the water.

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