Pretty V. Beautiful

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I used to think that pretty and beautiful were the same thing just that beautiful was an exaggeration. I thought in order to make a beautiful image, a beautiful portrait of a person or a place, it had to be pretty. I would be slightly upset if the wedding I was shooting wasn’t as pretty as I wanted it to be or if the light, during an engagement session, was not pretty light. If it was too harsh or it was overcast if my subjects had dark shadows on their face. If the wardrobe was funky but not pretty, I’d feel fun and excited until the images came back and suddenly I felt like there was no place for them in my “pretty” portfolio.

But ever since I quit the wedding industry, I’ve started to see beauty in images that I never would have deemed pretty before. Beauty can come from even the saddest of moments. It can shine in the darkest of places. Beauty is thus, in my mind, because it is real. It is genuine. Beauty is the best word to describe this challenging miserable, lovely, exciting, and yes, pretty world we live in.

Beauty goes beyond the skin. It goes beyond aesthetics. Beauty lives in everything.

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