Rambling to start

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Today is Sunday. Today I am sitting in front of my computer, and I have no idea what to write. I thought maybe a little blurb about trusting your gut. Maybe I’d also piece together something that talks about how the little moments are breadcrumbs to show you the way to your future. But neither of these ideas are coming together in my mind.

In truth, I can’t write something on a page that doesn’t feel right when I hold it on my tongue. If the words don’t flow easily, I scrap the idea. That’s probably not the best way to go about writing as it doesn’t do much for actually putting full ideas on a page, but it’s something that keeps me from sitting down at my computer.

So basically, I’m now in the process of writing this piece which is just a flow of thoughts. Now you are getting a glimpse into the process of how I actually begin to get words on a page on days when all I can think of is the opening to The Talking Heads, “This must be the place” over and over.

I sometimes feel like this when I begin to photograph a subject. So I will just start a conversation, and then I watch the way they shift, move, glance, look away from me, shrug, sit up, stretch as we talk. Usually, after a bit, I’ll begin to bring the camera up and photograph them naturally. Then after that, I’ll start to find inspiration to give a little more direction, “oh do that again. I loved the way you glanced at me just then. Beautiful. Just hold that look a little longer.”

See. Now I’ve fully written a piece on how to get started. Sometimes it just takes a little rambling, a little revving of the engine to get you where you need to end up. The creative process is just that, a process. Let it flow out of you until you hit that sweet spot that feels right, where your intuition says, “stop. This is exactly what you’re supposed to be creating right now.” The rest will come.

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