Reminder to be present

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Yes, every day we should be striving for that future life. But we also need to be striving to the current life. Presence in the place we are now is so important, and if we give that up, what’s the point of the future life?

I looked through photos and videos of baby Sofie last night, and it made me cry. She has changed so much in the past two years, and I have spent so much of that time wishing for this pandemic to be over and planning for all the things I’m going to do when…

When it’s over.

When I have money.

When I get to sleep again.

When people know who I am.


This is my (and yours if you want it) reminder to be present. Or I will regret missing out on all the great things about the life I have right now. It doesn’t mean I’ll stop striving, working, reading, learning, it just means that the times in between need to be spent not wishing I was “there” already. and just being “here”.

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