She dressed for fall

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The tree couldn’t exactly decide how she wanted to change for fall this year. Though she consistently elected to make the switch from her luscious green, summer wardrobe into her fall attire in late August year after year, her indecision had caused quite the delay this year, and still, she found that she could not get it right.

And so, she now stood on the sidewalk feeling a bit self-conscious. One side of her was draped in a vivid orange-red that touched the blue sky and clearly paired well with it, and on the left diagonal to the red-orange, she was draped in a golden yellow.

As the season went on, however, she realized that other trees followed suit. There were trees around her who had chosen a smattering of colors like a patchwork quilt for their fall attire. And she noticed that even though some of the trees took the more uniform approach, the people didn’t gawk or sneer at her. They admired all of the trees in the same way, pointing to the ones that had chosen multiple colors and ogling over them. They photographed the trees as they walked by.

Fall 2021 had gotten off to a late start, but it had been well worth the wait- the new collection was spectacular.

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