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I shot a wedding in the middle of June that had crazy Seattle weather. It poured all day. I’m pretty sure the term is called “Atmospheric River”. The bride and groom were amazing, everything went down without a hitch because of the planner’s rain plan. And of course, the timeline got all out of wack.

It could have made me stressed. It could have ruined the way I photographed the wedding. Instead, I am rather pleased with what this crazy weather did for my photography. It made me stop trying to plan the way I would shoot everything and just photograph the day how I saw it.

Capturing each moment as it happened was the only thing on my mind. I will say that I had made a pact with myself to shoot more like this, but I’ve made it before and ended up getting frozen in the process of shooting what I’m supposed to shoot for this person and that person and the idea of trying to pull from my inner– insert famous photographer’s name here.

Because we couldn’t have our pick of first look locations, because we had to do all the family photos under the cover of a small overhang, because of the fact that the ceremony had been moved indoors to a room that now had to be flipped and the concert now took place where dinner was being served, my mindset had to change fast.

And it’s the happiest I’ve ever been with wedding photos. Because what I saw and what I captured was a day that centered around two amazing people and all of their loved ones. I saw them enjoying every second of that rain-drenched day without even noticing the sky. Their mood was the sun, and that was what happily leaned into. The day was perfect, and I’m glad I was able to set aside my expectations and shoot it the way it felt.

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