Summer Days are here again

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Okay, it’s April 20th, so it’s not quite Summer yet. But. We’ve had the A/C running in the afternoons, the sun is warm when we take walks outside, the trees are all turning green. It’s like we went from winter to summer overnight, blurring over Spring as if it didn’t even exist.

This is the time of year when I start planning my dream beach vacations. I begin with nostalgia for childhood road trips to Florida, white sand between my toes, sitting on a raft in the almost still water, watching schools of fish zoom past my feet, that feeling of freezing in the Airconditioned condos as I listened to the waves crash against the shore all night.

I think of summers here on the west coast. I’m always wishing I could be in California this time of year, but then the Pacific Northwest has so much to offer in the summer. Cool mountain hikes, chilly days riding various ferries to beautiful, tree-lined islands. I think about sitting at the park until 10 pm, watching the sun go down over Lake Union, eating fish and fresh vegetables outside by the water.

Then I start to dream of future trips. And there are so many I want to take. I see myself boating around the Amalfi Coast, eating gelato while walking the hills in sundresses, getting a tan by a private pool, jumping into a glittering mediterranian sea and then doing it all again in France and Greece.

In the summer I get senior-itis. I don’t want to work. I just want to eat fruit and bread and raw vegetables and lounge around in sunscreen by a pool or open water.

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