The importance of Culling

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As with most things in the world, when it comes to photographs, more isn’t always better. I didn’t always believe this, but recently, I’ve come to the conclusion that giving my clients as many photographs as possible is the worst… Read More »The importance of Culling

Photographs LIe

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They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and somehow, we’ve been led to believe that a thousand words means truth. But stop and ask yourself, “whose truth?” A picture is worth a thousand of whose words? Photographs lie.… Read More »Photographs LIe

It’s just a medium

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In 2014, I sat in the corner of our cream-twill Pottery Barn sectional and insisted that if I just had a Contax 645, my photography would suddenly be better. The inquiries would start flowing, and I would have a booming… Read More »It’s just a medium