Talking about Scotland

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Talking about Scotland makes me think about Scotland, which makes me seek out pictures of Scotland, and the daydreaming begins. I’ve been to Scotland for not nearly enough time and not on a nearly recent enough trip. But I’ve been long enough to fall in love.

It probably helps that I traveled to Scotland in the fall both times and that both times it was cold and windy and cozy. There is something very magical about the way the colorful leaves and shrubs play off the highland hills and the way the fog rolls through the valleys and onto the highways in the early morning that is so much more majestic than any other place I’ve been. But it’s not just the highlands that I am addicted to. It’s the city. Edinburgh.

It’s something about being a bustling city with this historical center that literally sits on the side of a hill. It’s smaller than London, and yet it has the city vibe I crave to be a part of. I don’t even mind the touristy parts when I’m there because it’s easy enough to duck behind a building and be in complete quiet.

And don’t even get me started on my strange addiction to tablet which is a butter fudge that is just sweet enough not to be good but also completely delightful at the same time. I have a problem because it’s actually not something I would ever eat, and yet, it’s something I love. The grainy, creamy, buttery-soft, sweetness is something I like to have in my purse and pull out for a little taste while we mill around the cobblestone streets of old Edinburgh.

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