Texas in summertime

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I have moved away from Texas twice now, and both times, I didn’t regret it. I love seeing other parts of the country, and as a girl, all I wanted was to live somewhere with four seasons. I may have been born and raised here, but I can honestly say, I’m not much of a Texas girl.

There are, however, some things I do love about Texas, especially in the summer. The number one thing is spending time with my family. They are the people I hate to leave when we go home, and they are the people I miss when we are in Washington. They’re the reason I get sad that I don’t live closer. Getting to be here with them, enjoying days that are less about the hustle and more about being together is everything to me.

I also really love:

The way storm clouds pile up on a hot afternoon like whipped cream on top of pie or ice cream or piles of puffy marshmallows.

The dry heat that settles around you like a warm blanket in the evenings after time in the pool.

Air conditioning, need I say more? No, but I will. It’s that feeling of coming inside after sweating in the sun and instantly cooling down. Having to wear a sweatshirt inside and use a blanket while watching some evening television and warming up again by stepping out into the night.

Dipping into an almost warm, sometimes really warm pool. Dipping into a pool that almost doesn’t feel like you’re changing from a gas to a liquid because the water temperature is the same as what it is in the air.

When it finally cools off enough to have rain, and the rain comes down in big, hard raindrops that splotch against the windows and the roof and provide the best white noise for a comfortable sleep.


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