The Elimination Diet

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When I say elimination diet, I’m not talking about food. I’m talking about eliminating distractions. I’m talking about the reason I love black and white photography and the simplicity of putting my subject in front of a simple backdrop.

When we eliminate the distractions, we can more easily focus our attention on the subject. I’m not saying that every subject needs to be photographed in black and white against a simple backdrop, but it is a helpful tool to understand yourself as a photographer and what about the subject you are trying to capture. Then, once you’ve identified how you want to compose an image, how you can truly find a genuine image of your subject, and how you can truly express them in the image, then you can start to add in fun locations, color film (or leaving the shot in color on your camera). You can focus on wardrobe and hair and makeup and all that good stuff because you’ll have the fundamentals and the right foundation to keep the images genuine.

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