The English Garden

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The first time I went to England, way back in 1998, I felt like I had just walked into the life I’ve always wanted to live. One thing I immediately loved was the long back garden of the London row homes. I loved how they were filled with flowers and bushes and stepping stones and just a tiny bit of grass. My aunt’s house even had raspberries growing along the back fence.

Since then, I have found myself obsessing over my future garden. I see it filled with roses and vegetables, English lavender. I see a strawberry patch and raspberries growing up one fence or side of my studio. In my far off imaginary future, I’ll have this English garden with climbing roses growing down the yard from a Pemberley style pool (heated with solar power and smaller than the one in the 2005 Pride and Prejudice movie, of course) and surrounded by evergreens or overlooking a lake in the Lake District or overlooking the sea. We’ll have a long dining table closer to the house that we’ll spend our summers sitting around, eating good food and drinking beautiful, bold red wines with our friends and family members. And I imagine that, one day, my children will have their weddings in this garden.

Until that day, I’ll just plan for the small garden of flowers, enjoy the bees, the butterflies, the hummingbirds flying around me. I’ll make the most of whatever garden I can, when I can finally have a garden, and hope that I get the vibes from that wonderful 1998 summer in England.

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