The LIe

Why do we lie?

I think it’s often that honesty is too frightening, and I think it also goes back to approval. Maybe it is because we think lying will save someone else from the people we are or the things that we do that may hurt them.

The end result is that we often hurt people and ourselves more when we aren’t truthful. Today, in particular, I’m talking about education and resumes.

We see it over and over. In fact, I spotted one yesterday. Someone puts their education and their experience on social media or their resume, and it’s fabricated. Maybe they say they graduated from a university when they only attended the university. Maybe they talk up how much experience they had. Maybe they actually really, truly flub and put the wrong class years when listing the time they spent at a particular university.

What is the purpose? To impress other people? To get that job we don’t think we’ll get? Or is it so that we can tell ourselves we are better for having graduated from that institution we didn’t really graduate from with the degree we didn’t really learn about?

When we lie about education or experience, we are expected to know everything we would have learned from school or being on the job even if we never learned it. So there you’ve put yourself in a predicament. No longer can you ask questions, no longer can you learn about what you supposedly already know. It hurts you. It hurts your employer. It hurts the person who actually did attend college, who actually did spend 10 years shooting hundreds of weddings, who actually did spend hours upon hours pouring over photography books, composition books, prints of their own work to be the best that they could that you just took a job from.

I know this post is vague and judgy. It’s just an observation. Honesty is scary. It’s hard. It makes you worry that people may not like you. Honesty can leave you vulnerable. But being vulnerable is, honestly, the best way to be. It’s the best way to get things achieved, to make the biggest impact on the world, to allow the people who deserve to be in your life get to know you. And being vulnerable allows you to grow, learn, and be improving every day.

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