The Nutcracker

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To be honest, The Nutcracker is not my favorite ballet. It’s not even in the top five.

The story is simple, and it’s the same exact choreography every year. Sure It differs between companies and between choreographers, but for the most part, it’s the same. It’s not that I don’t find it to be beautiful. It is definitely a beautiful ballet. And of course, I love Christmas, so it helps to usher in the magic of the season. It’s just that I’ve seen it a million times. And there are ballets that speak to my soul in a way that makes my heart burst and gives me life. The Nutcracker is, like I said, merely beautiful.

However. I am totally obsessed with it right now. Maybe it’s having had Sofie’s little petit Nutcracker with her ballet school, maybe it’s knowing that she might someday perform in it. This year, I can’t get enough Nutcracker. I even bought Sofie a little ornament of the Spanish character since that’s the music her class danced to.

So I’m sitting here listening to Dance of the Snowflakes (is that what it’s actually called?). And I’m loving it. And it’s gotten me in the mood to do some ballet barre in the mornings. And it’s made me miss being on stage. And it’s gotten me excited to see Sofie on that stage once again.

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