The painting’s on the wall

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Instead of taking advantage of the quiet to get my blog post done and writing something magical, I am sitting here watching two people paint the side of a wall outside the window above my desk.

They are standing on a bit of metal (or wood, I really can’t be sure by the looks of it) that is suspended from two very flexible-looking ladders. And neither of them is secured to the wall with rope or a harness or anything. They’re just standing on this slim piece of something halfway up the side of an, albeit short, building.

One of the guys looks like he’s almost painted an entire C on the building. The other keeps looking like he is measuring things and has just begun to make a line on the far end from where the first man is working.

There’s nothing spectacular about what is going on in front of me, and yet, I can’t take my eyes off of it. I am mesmerized by the way their t-shirts are rippling in the wind and the tree that is violently waving back and forth just on the other side of the building. There is a puddle of water in one corner of the roof that looks much more like a beach-entry pool than a puddle right about now. Although maybe that’s my summer-itis catching up with me.

I can’t help but wonder how they are making such perfect black lines and curves as it looks like they are both free-handing their painting. I can see a small bit of a stencil from where I sit, but still, you have to have a steady hand for this.

I also can’t help but wonder. Is this what the world of being a painter has come to? You had Michelangelo commissioned to paint a ceiling, and it’s one of the greatest artistic wonders of the world. Do these men paint stenciled words on the side of all buildings? Could they be doing something different? Do they create art or wish that they were painting little pink-cheeked cherubs somewhere? I’d rather see a mural of some kind going up on that wall, but instead, it’s just bold black lettering that I have a sneaking suspicion will say: Cannabis. Or maybe they’ll surprise me. I never was very good at Wheel of Fortune.

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