The plucking vortex

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When a Persian woman goes into the bathroom or sees a mirror, she will more than likely notice a stray eyebrow hair. This is inevitable, considering that Persian women spend much of their lives working on the shape of their brows and removing excess eyebrow hair. She may pick up the tweezers that are always laying on her bathroom counter as well as the magnifying mirror next to them.

This is where the trouble begins.

Once the magnification begins, said woman will most likely encounter a whole slew of stray hairs that have grown in since the previous night when she plucked her eyebrow hair.

45 minutes later and a tissue full of hairs, she still may have work to do, but it must wait for another day as the entire family has been sitting in the living room with the television paused, waiting to finish the last 15 minutes of an episode of whatever they were watching.

What was originally a break for brushing her teeth became a plucking vortex.

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