The Silence Matters Too

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I talk a lot about music because it’s just that important to me. And I do play music often in my house. But it’s not just having music around me that is important, it’s having the right music and it’s about balancing it with silence.

When I listen to too much music or when I listen to the wrong type of music for the moment, it begins to grind on my like sandpaper. I have to turn it off and be in complete silence or listen to an audiobook instead.

And when I do turn the music off and let the silence fill the space, I begin to breathe again. The tingling agitation on my shoulders begins to slide away, and I feel at peace once again. This phenomena typically happens when the music has minor tones, is on the sad or heavy side or is too loud.

In life and in music, balance seems to be everything. It’s not about having everything, it’s about having moderation.

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