The Yearly Cookie Debate

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Every year I say I’m not going to bake any special cookies, and I’m not going to decorate them. I say I’m going to keep it simple, bake one batch of cookies to send out, and bake cookies that don’t need any frosting.

And then Christmas time rolls around, and all I want to do is skirt all responsibility, drink cocoa and bake all the cookies so that I can give out full boxes of beautiful, decorated, meticulously crafted, and delicious cookies.

So here we are again, and I’m planning my extensive cookie baking list. It includes English toffee, which isn’t really a cookie (actually it’s a confection), but it’s my favorite. It probably includes sugar cookies, possibly something chocolate, possibly something thumb printy.

From now until Christmas, my will to work will all be placed in wrapping presents, decorating cookies, and consuming large amounts of treats while I enjoy cozy days with my family.

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