This is a good life

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Tonight, as I was cleaning the kitchen, the final step we take before putting the kids to bed, I was listening to my current audiobook, The Midnight Library. I heard Ben reading to the kids. And as I listened to him, my attention turned away from the words being melodically read to me by Cary Mulligan. Ben was humming Feed the Birds at the end of reading the Mary Poppins picture book Sofie loves to read.

I smiled to myself. This is a good life. And the feeling of gratitude washed over me, just as it was washing over Nora, the character in my book. We had spent the morning picking apples and spent the afternoon on a family walk, enjoying the changing leaves on the trees. Ben and I had spent the evening in the kitchen together, Ben making apple bread and me making sauteed vegetables and couscous while the kids played on the floor in the living room and devoured two pears.

It was a simple Sunday, but it was calm. It rained. It was cold. It was perfect. Right at the last few minutes of rocking Henry to sleep, I cried. The tears were salty on my cheek. One might have thought I was sad or upset, but tonight my crying was that of gratitude. This is a good life.

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