Toddler Inspiration

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I spend a lot of time with toddlers, listening to them, chasing them, rolling around on the floor with them, keeping them out of trouble.

And during that time, my oldest says a lot of strange and funny things. Sometimes, I just write these down as “Sofie-isms”, and sometimes, the things she says spark something in me.

I’ve decided that any time this happens, I should keep it for myself. Maybe that’s plagiarism, but then again, isn’t everything your toddler says a reflection of what you say to them? I guess that’s true until they reach school, but even then… well anyways, going on a tangent here.

Sofie loves to tell stories, and sometimes, fragments of her stories are truly very good. So I prod her about them, get her to elaborate. I write them down in the hopes that they can become a short story or a novel or a movie script.

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